ARC Gerontology Staffing

Department Chair

Professor Karla Gustafson 

Manages Associate of Art degrees:

  1. Advocacy 
  2. Business
  3. Case Management:Social Services
  4. Environmental Design
  5. Health Care
  6. Recreation
  7. Social Policy

Program of Merit: Only community college in the US to hold this distinction.  One of only 12 campuses in total.

Accreditation: in process of becoming one of the first accredited gerontology programs in the US.

Next Step Program:  One on one mentoring with students to coordinate future goals and assist with guided pathways.

Faculty and Staff

Associate Professors:                                                           Course Speciality

Karla Gustafson       Sociology

Laurinda Reynolds           Psychology

Adjunct Professors:

Margaret Borowiak    Advocacy & Policy

Gina Hansen           Senior Fitness

Renee Chevraux     Social Services Designee

Arlene Krause         Activity Leader

Mary Schleeter      Validation  & Internships 

Jacquelyn Sneed       RCFE Administrator 


 Instructional Assistant: 

Judi Byrnes           

Student Assistant:

Julie Robb             


Shamona Thompson-Ross ThompsS3@arc.losrios.ed

Phone #: 916 484-8512

Program Coordinator

Professor Karla Gustafson

Oversees the following programs and courses:

Vocational  Courses (CTE)

Activity Leader 

RCFE Initial Administrator

Social Services Designee

Special Skills Certificates

Dementia Care

Elder Care

Ethnicity and Aging

Leadership in Assisted Living  Communities

Senior Fitness