Wisdom Keepers

Who Are We?

 The Wisdom Keepers is the ARC Gerontology club that was formed by Gerontology students to address the needs and concerns of fellow students. 

Mission Statement

 The core values of the Wisdom Keepers are the foundation on which we perform our work, conduct ourselves and interact with each other. They are the basic elements of how we go about our work. They are the practices we use every day, in order to support successful aging and create supportive environments. 

Our Values


COMMUNICATION: Support a collaborative environment without competition, by communicating in a respectful manner.

FRIENDSHIP: Encourage positive relationships based on respect, understanding & acceptance.

DIVERSITY: Respect others with different experiences and points of view, knowing we can learn from each other.

MENTORING: Enhance the academic experience for fellow students, by supporting their educational goals.

SERVICE TO OTHERS: Support older adults in our community, by volunteering at educational conferences and events.

Services We Provide


-Scholarship assistance for ARC gerontology students and alumni
- Tutoring fellow students in gerontology classes
- Networking with other gerontology students
- On-line forum for sharing information about gerontology community events and jobs via Geroboard
- Alumni support
- Support educational conferences and events in our community

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